Vertical & Venetian

For simplicity and elegance on larger windows the solution is a vertical blind. Stylish and practical you control how much light is filtered into your room, with a range of fabrics and designs to select from together with vanes available in two widths 89mm x 127mm.

Perfect for patio and french doors for convenience of opening with the easy stacking system you select how much of the outside world you want to view.

 Easy Care  Affordable  Clean

One of the benefits of a venetian blind is direction of light control; with a twist of a wand or pull cord you decide the flow of light into your room. With excellent privacy control a venetian blind is a classic window treatment which will always look fresh.

Available in metal or wood finish and slat width sizes from 16mm to 50mm including accessorising your bind with coloured fabric tapes you can create your own personalised blind, to enhance your interior decor.

 Convenient  Affordable  Clean
 Stylish  Individual
Vertical & VenetianVertical & VenetianVertical & VenetianVertical & VenetianVertical & VenetianVertical & Venetian

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds create simplicity for any window display.

A large choice of fabrics and textures are available including vinyl fabric for wet/damp areas bathrooms and kitchens, together with effortless control mechanism, makes this blind universal for all areas.

Wide selections of fabrics are available from our suppliers including a ‘blackout’ lining range to omit any day light ideal for children rooms.

These blinds can be a feature on their own or dressed with curtains to create your individual look.

 Low Maintenance  Versatile
 Easy Pull System
Roller BlindsRoller BlindsRoller BlindsRoller Blinds

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds add a touch of elegance to any window and can create a statement in the smallest of rooms.

A roman blind is the most versatile blind you could choose if you are looking to create your own personalised look. You can either choose your blind from one of our supplier catalogues or create your own design by selecting a fabric from one of our swatches giving you an even greater array of designs to choose from.

Easy to operate with a left or right hand mechanism and the advantage of adding a lining to create weight, privacy and blackout options this is a versatile window treatment. Either use on its own for a modern, contemporary effect or use with dress curtains to create a more formal look.

 Low Maintenance  Versatile
 Easy Pull System
Roman BlindsRoman BlindsRoman BlindsRoman Blinds

Shutter Blinds

If you’re looking for a colonial style look then look no further than a shutter blind, elegant, practical and durable giving you the added benefit of warmth, privacy and security.

They are virtually maintenance free, hygienic and giving you control of light direction. Made from hardwood and available in a selection of grain stains together with the option of matching to your own paint colour these blinds will add style to your room.

 Clean  Practical  Convenient
Shutter BlindsShutter BlindsShutter BlindsShutter Blinds

Conservatory Blinds

A conservatory is an extension to your home which you want to enjoy all year round.

To soften light, assist with the control of room temperature, protect furniture and provide privacy the right blind will create a relaxing atmosphere together with practicality.

Our blinds for conservatories range from the more traditional venetian, roller and vertical to a selection of contemporary style of blinds. Available in different slat finishes: fabric, wooden and aluminium with a palette of colours to choose from.

 Hygienic  Stylish  Low Maintenance
Conservatory BlindsConservatory BlindsConservatory BlindsConservatory Blinds

Velux Blinds

Velux blinds are specifically for Velux skylight applications only.

Venetian, Roller and Blackout blinds are a few of the options available to you in the Velux brand of blinds.

They all provide sunlight control with the venetian range giving you manual control by the precise angling of slats and the blackout style providing total elimination of sunlight. The roller and blackout come with an added advantage of aluminium backing which will assist with warmth in your room.

Available in a wide choice of fabrics, colours and slat finishes this range of blind will meet your requirements even in the most hard to reach places.

 Low Maintenance  Versatile
 Easy Pull System
Velux BlindsVelux BlindsVelux BlindsVelux Blinds
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